Sunday, December 13, 2009

Schokoladenfarbene Nagellacke/Chocolate coloured Nail Polish

Hello, you all - after a longer break I report back with one of my absolute favorite subjects: chocolate-coloured nail polish! Ordinarily I am not the fan of brown, but quite exactly 3 years ago I had the idea for my nail polish shop and at the same time an absolute strange habit on really chocolate-coloured nail polish - of course there are many different kinds: from softly melting milk chocolate up to those with 70%th cocoa - they all differ in their colours! At that time I have searched the perfect chocolate brown and - found it several times! Enjoy here with me these chocolate-coloured darlings,which are guaranteed free of calories...


These are the treasures I want you to show today, from left to right: Mavala - Caracas, AKZENT direct - Chocolate, Mavala - Makoré, LCN - Death by Chocolate und Creative Nail Design - Fedora. Caracas and Chocolate are the more brighter ones, the other three are darker Chocolate. On the nails left: Index finger Mavala - Caracas, Middle finger AKZENT direct - Chocolate. Right: Index finger Mavala - Makoré, Middle finger LCN - Death by Chocolate, Ring finger Creative - Fedora, Pinky finger Dessange.


Caracas is a limited edition and a brighter, cool, creamy Chocolate Brown - like the Cocoa you can make a drink of! Its application is easy and it looks almost perfect after the first coat, coverage is First Class, two layers are definitely enough!

Chocolate is also a brighter shade, but warmer than Caracas, it looks a bit more like Caramel. After the first coat it is just - ugly! It has a bit watery and thin texture, so you need always minimum another layer or two, but now it is beatiful! Akzent Nail Polishes are quick drying and provide a broader brush, which allows you to work really quick!


Makoré is a dark, really rich Chocolate with a hint of dark and bloody red, which you can see best after the first layer. Easy to apply a beautiful option for a more vampy Chocolate...

Death by Chocolate is THE ONE - the colour, which comes very close to the definition of a chocolate-coloured Nail Polish - neutral, not too warm or cold, not too light or too dark - a colour which dresses you always perfect and remembers me on a bar of soft melting chocolate! LCN has in every colour a very high coverage, so if you are in a hurry, one layer can be enough. But a Quick Dryer is a good tool to shorten the drying time, because the amount of pigments inside it dries a bit slowly than the others!

Fedora shows its charakter in his name - Fedora is a very popular and excellent chocolate brand! Close to Makoré from Mavala, but less red, it is really dark, easy to apply and also without Top Coat high-shine! The brush in all Creative Nail Polishes is more broad and for everyone with not so much practice easy to handle. But watch out - Creative changed not long ago their Nail Polish range and it will not be available for so long...


At least I show you an absolute highlight and one of my favourite, private treasures: a colour of Dessange, which was in the fall/winter look two years ago! This colour is intense creamy, intense dark - almost black! - and intense cool, depending on the light it looks greyish brown. Do you know the colour of a chocolate bar, which layed longer in your closet? Exactly this is it!

So, now - wrote me: which is your favourite colour? Do you have any experience? If yes, with which ones? I love to read your comments!