Monday, February 28, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: ZOYA - Gemma

ZOYA - Nail Polish # 544 Gemma

Green is a Nail Polish Colour which opinions differ this question - either you love it or you hate it. Additionally they are not available with a lot of brands, sometimes difficult to apply - very often with non-shimmering, creamy colours: green pigments are quite often not dense and opaque enough to cover in 2 coats, so it needs a minimum of 3 to look nice and even.

Gemma from the actually ZOYA Trend Look *Intimate* is beside the fact that it is Green an extraordinary shade - its a Duochrome! The basic colour is a muted Sage Green, which gets a lot of attention more because of the Blue Shimmer with a touch of Turquoise - you can see it quite good on the pic!

This colour is easy to apply, here with 3 coats, but not because of coverage - just to show the Duochrome effect more intense! Dry time like always with ZOYA very short, it was completely dry in 20 minutes!

My resumee - whoever loves Greens should have an intense look on Gemma!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Swatches: LCN - Trendlook *I Love LCN* Spring/Summer 2011

It's a confession: the four trendy nail polish colours from the I Love LCN collection shows up with shades perfect for a Jeans and Tee look:

LCN - Nail Polish # 310 Sweet Serenade

Sweet Serenade is my personal favourite: a shimmering, medium Blue with Pink Shimmer particles. The colour is dense and perfect for a casual day. The Pink in combination with the Blue is very modern and anything else than boring!

LCN - Nail Polish # 311 Love Me - Love My Nail Polish!

This polish Love Me - Love My Nail Polish! is a cool, frosty, pale Pastel Blue and is perfect opaque. Just keep in your mind: intense frosty shades like this are always best to apply with a light hand, which means don't press the brush too much and hard on the surface: it left some kind of imprint on or, (I don't know which is more bad) removes the layers underneath and left a visible hole!

LCN - Nail Polish # 312 - Lovers Lullaby

I like Lovers Lullaby - a warm Ivory, almost a White Gold with visible Gold Duochrome effect - it is easy to apply and much more flattering than a pure White nail polish! Also for polish lovers, who normally not care about Gold or know its not matching the own skin colour, it is a flattering shade. Please note: Lovers Lullaby dries matte, so for a high-shine finish you need definitely a Top Coat!

LCN - Nail Polish # 312 I Love LCN

I Love LCN, the centerpiece of the collection, convinces with an immaculate White Shimmer and is a clean look for all purist. Like Lovers Lullaby it also dries matte, please seal with  Top Coat as LCN - Wet Look!

Gift: LCN Designer nail file I Love LCN

Be a fan and get as a free gift with the purchase of the complete set with all 4 nail polish colours this two-sided (fine/medium), foamy Designer nail file for free! (as long as stock lasts!)

Resumee - for all, who feels most relaxed and confident in Jeans and a Tee, is I Love LCN best for! The quality convinces, only the size of the nail polish brush could be a bit more broad, so it needs a bit practice to apply the shimmering colours. But working with a *light hand* is here the key to success!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swatches: American Nails - Eccentric Matte Nail Polishes

Matte Nail Polishes are since the last season in a wide variety available from different brands, but very new from American Nails. The collection *Eccentric* shows up with 4 bright, radiant new colours:

American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 675 Rosegarden

The first of the four colours is Rosegarden - a bright, fresh Coral. A beautiful shade, which flatters almost every skin shade. The semi-matte, silky finish makes it a great companion for light or white stylings and of course to elegant Outfits like this in Coral...

American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 676 Blue Sky

Sky Blue is a rich, bold Cobalt Blue, great with Jeans or a Marine Outfit... 
American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 677 Purple Rain

Violet and Lilac is part in the trends since a while. What I like on this Colour Purple Rain? Its bright without dominating! My favourite style? This one for example...

American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 678 Turquoise Bird

The fourth colour - Turquoise Bird - is a strong, cool Turquoise! Beautiful for Beachwear...

All shades are easy to apply, offers a semi-matte and silky finish, a perfect opacity and are available now in the shop...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: SPARITUAL - Endless Possibilities

SPARITUAL - Nail Polish # 80181 Endless Possibilities

You know, dear reader, that dark polishes are my personal passion: Endless Possibilities is a good example for this: a very dark, almost Black, cool Red, creamy, dense, without any Chi-Chi, easy to apply and a mysterious colour!

What I like especially on this colour? Its matching almost every style and let your hands look beautiful and your nails long and small :-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Swatches: LCN - Trendlook *Summer In The City* Spring/Summer 2011

Also LCN starts with two new trendlooks into the season 2011 - the first one, *Summer In The City* comes with 4 creamy nail polish colours, please see here:

LCN - Nail Polish # 306 Picnic In The Park

There are not many brands, who offer creamy, warm Green shades, but LCN is one of it. Picnic In The Park is a beautiful, warm Green, not too bright, not too olive. Maybe Military?

LCN - Nail Polish # 307 City Cruising

The Hibiscus Pink covers perfect, is radiant and fresh and makes City Cruising to the perfect step into the hopefully soon coming seasons.

LCN - Nail Polish # 308 Come To The Café

The name offers a seat in a street cafe and invites you to sit in the sun and drink a delicious Latte Macchiato or Espresso: Come To The Café...

LCN - Nail Polish # 309 Summer In The City

Summer In The City is a cool Sand, opaque and perfect for your Manequin Manicure!

Free Gift - by purchasing all 4 nail polish colours of the trendlook you get this designer nail file (two-sided: fine/medium coarse) for free (while stocks last)

At the end I want you to seduce with the original, one and only *Summer In The City*:

Swatches: kinetics - Go Glossy! Trendlook Spring/Summer 2011

Whenever I saw sheer and transparent nail polish colours I thought 'Hm, nice, but nothing for me'! But watch out, girls: I extend my favourite list! Why? Because the new kinetics trend look is amazing - phantastic - gorgeous - perfect for the summer - flooded with light: Go Glossy! is the name for 4 sheer nail polish shades without any Shimmer or Glitz and which remind me on fruity juices. They are also high-shine, so all the pics are WITHOUT top coat, they are like lip gloss, just for your nails! But enough talk, see them yourself:

kinetics - Nail Polish # 176 Cool Orange

The first of the 4 colours - Cool Orange - is a warm, bright, radiant Orange. A vitamin kick like fresh pressed orange juice it lifts your mood immediately!

kinetics - Nail Polish # 177 Go Grape!

In the bottle Go Grape! looks dark and intense, almost aubergine-coloured. On your nails it looks like a rich raspberry and reminds on grape juice!

kinetics - Nail Polish #178 Passionfruit

Passionfruit is my personal highlight - a bright red, almost Coral, intense and radiant. Best for all, who hesitate and are too shy to wear a red nail polish - try this, whith this shade you can't go wrong, because Passionfruit is a colour which matches EVERY skin shade!

kinetics - Nail Polish #179 Cuture Cherry
A rich, intense Raspberry Pink - this is Cuture Cherry: a perfect companion for the summer, flatters almost every colour of clothing and adds a fresh accent to your wardrobe!

There was no issue with application, because kinetics offers perfect texture of nail polish and the flat brush makes it easy and smooth. Sometimes customers ask for sheer polish with any Shimmer or Glitz - so to all nail polish lovers: you have to have this colours!

My resumee: Congratulations, kinetics! An amazing look, which makes me freakin' out and transforms a grouch into a sheer polish lover and of course they will my summer accessory!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: kinetics - Misty

kinetics - Nail Polish # KP109 Misty

Whenever you have the chance to try a kinetics nail polish you should do this: phantastic quality and an adorable, flat nail brush, which I prefer the best!

For this week I show you a beautiful, creamy, dense and opaque nail polish in pastel blue: Misty. Pastel polishes are sometimes difficult to apply even, but not this one - perfect in two coats! The shade is a cool blue wich a touch of lavender...

Result: for me its a nail polish colour, which makes me feeling like Spring, also if its outside cold and snowy...