Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: China Glaze - Bad Kitty

China Glaze - Nail Polish # 80389 Bad Kitty

Do you like nail polish in Peach? I do - Peach is a very flattering color, for every woman and every skin shade!

And if you love on top tons of Glitz you should have an intense look on this treasure: Bad Kitty - a beautiful, sheer shade of the Glitter Collection from China Glaze.

Wearing alone its a soft and sheer color, but because of this its perfect for layering on top of a matching opaque nail polish.

Do you like it?

By the way, if you want to see one of your favourites as the Nail Polish of the week, leave here a comment below or just write me a mail...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: MAVALA - Nail Gloss Cancun

MAVALA - Nail Gloss # 374 Cancun

Today I have the color Cancun with me, a Nail Gloss from MAVALA, Switzerland. To describe it is a bright Apricot, sheer and intense glitzy! But the whole collection is much more: vibrant and easy-going! Because the colors are *fluffy* and not opaque, its PERFECT for shy girls, beginners or very young ones! And: there are more colors in the collection, all together six -  Riviera, Maui, Malibu, Ipanema und Bora Bora:

MAVALA - Nail Gloss # 348 Riviera
MAVALA - Nail Gloss # 376 Malibu
MAVALA - Nail Gloss # 377 Ipanema
MAVALA - Nail Gloss # 378 Bora Bora

Do you gave Nail Gloss ever a try? No? Than watch out, ladies: Nail Gloss is like Lip Gloss sheer and transparent, very shiny and a phantastic, fresh, summery and awesome alternative to dense nail polishes! By the way, also kinetics has this theme for this Spring & Summer in the collection *Go Glossy*!

My resumee: I wear Nail Gloss mostly in the summer time to make sure not to *overload* my look with too heavy or dense nail polish colors! What about you? Will you wear?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Swatches: LCN - Destination Paradise Summer 2011

The new Summer Collection - Destination Paradise

Also if Spring here this year is very sunny and warm, a little daydream makes happy, isn't it? As I saw the first time the adverts of the new, bright LCN Summer collection, I was excited and curious about, because with LCN the textures of the shades for the warm seasons are different from the ones of Fall and Winter - and: I was not disappointed, but see yourself:

LCN - Nail Polish # 221 Pink Parrot

I love Pink Nail Polish for the Summer - is there another shade which is both so happy and feminine? Not for me! Pink Parrot provides high density, is creamy without Glitz or Shimmer. By definition its a cool shade, which means it has not only White, but also Blue in. New is, that the whole collection during application feels so smooth like a gel. It seems it is a complete new texture, because its dense, but much more easier to polish than classic cream nail polish!

LCN - Nail Polish # 237 Maldivian Sea

A while ago LCN has had already a Turquoise with this color #, its name was Tropique Turquoise, maybe do you remember? I was very sad as it was discontinued, of two reasons: first, I liked the color and second, customers were amazed. But with this new formula LCN makes me very happy again - great to apply it reminds me on the for me most beautiful area of the world: the beaches of Florida on the Gulf coast and the new name Maldivian Sea makes me dreaming also on rainy days...

LCN - Nail Polish # 223 Sundown Over The Ocean

Orange is a color people discuss about: either you love it or you hate it! For me it is beside Yellow the color of joy, optimism, warmth and radiance. Not as strong as red, but a powerful color anyway! This shade Sundown Over The Ocean is radiant, bright, fruity, fresh and makes me smiling!

Resumee: I like the look not only because of the colors - the new amazing texture is worth a try! I am curious who will give it a try and tell here about?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEW: LUMOS Instant Impact Bottom Coat + High Speed Top Coat

LUMOS - Duo-Pack Instant Impact Bottom Coat + High Speed Top Coat

A few weeks ago I got a very surprising mail in my mailbox from Jim Nordstrom, Co-Founder of CND Creative Nail Design and CEO of the company for many years. After leaving CND he and his wife Linda combined all their knowledge, established their company *famous names* and designed the brand LUMOS. He wrote me a very nice and kind mail and offered me to test the two new products, which he promised, will convince me and stands high above in quality of all other products.

You know, like all women and a professional as well I am curious, so I agreed and tested in the meanwhile this fabulous products:

12 minutes which impresses also the professional and change a life forever!

It's unbelievable, but true: LUMOS is in max. 12 minutes able to dry all layers and coats of nail polish completely and provides a smooth, ceramic-like surface!

The product formula, which combines all experience on base coat and top coat of the market in two products, allows the polish layers to melt together, this is the reason for the ultra-smooth, porcelain or glass like finish.

LUMOS presents two products:
LUMOS - Instant Impact Bottom Coat

The Bottom Coat joins lightning-fast the nail surface and the polish together like a tape - applied generous it dries fast: as soon as your 10th finger has it on, it is on the 1st dry, matte and ready to go ahead, so you can start to polish immediately! When you polish now the first coat of color polish you can see how both *melt together*!

LUMOS - High Speed Top Coat

If you read my blog from time to time or know me personal, you know, that I use depending on the needs different Top Coats, also Seche Vite. It is still one of my favourites if it comes to seal Nail Art or polish with tons of Glitz. But Seche hast two big disadvantages: 1. it thickens very very fast, which mean if you not owe the Seche Restore Nail Polish Thinner it is quickly *out of order*! And 2. depending on your nail/base coat/color polish sometimes it happens, that the whole paint with all layers just chip off en bloc!

And here we go, this is the main difference to LUMOS: the texture is much more thinner and thickens definitely NOT, so you need no thinner and you can use every drop till your bottle is empty! And the perfect even, glossy surface is another advantage. Of course its 3-free, stays transparent clear and is not yellowing. Tip Wear is rare, also after 5 days!

IMPORTANT: also this Top Coat MUST be applied generous, longer nails please seal also under the free edge of the nail tip! It can be used frequently to refresh and keep the high-shine finish.

Both - Base  + Top Coat - can be combined with other products and the Top Coat also of course weared alone, but

MY RESUMEE: if you want to enjoy all the advantages you should use the combination as a couple! My opinion - its an enrichment, an asset for all polish lovers and 110% recommended! Also the professionals must have seen this and I am assure, you will be amazed and excited!

Both items are available in different sizes and I am proud to announce that you'll find it soon also in my online shop!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: American Nails - Star Of The Night

Because I like it so much I have not only show the swatches of the whole collection, but also choose one of the shades as the Nail Polish of the week: Star Of The Night - a shade like a story of 1001 nights...

American Nails - Nail Polish # 689 Star Of The Night

What do you think - do you like this shade?

Swatches: American Nails - California Girl Summer 2011

Today I show you a stunning look: *California Girl* from American Nails - six summerly, glitzy, happily nail polishes in rich colors!

American Nails - Nail Polish # 687 Pink Lipstick
Fruity & freshy in bright Hibiscus with Glitz in Pink - this is  Pink Lipstick. It is not California, but doesn't it make it appetite to enjoy a rich Strawberry Ice Cream right now?

American Nails - Nail Polish # 688 Orange Panties
Orange Panties is a funky shade in Orange with tons of Gold Glitz: looks great to tanned skin, also if Hot Pants are not longer fits your personality!

American Nails - Nail Polish # 689 Star Of The Night
Oh yes, this nail polish is the Star - Star Of The Night! What really makes me happy with this color is the combination of soft Violet and bright Gold: it adds a special touch of glamour to your nails. So enjoy a thrilling party night with hot club sounds...

American Nails - Nail Polish # 690 Green Necklace
Was für ein Farbton - hier läßt sich kaum eine Beschreibung finden, die der Leuchtkraft von What a nail polish color - its hard to find the right description to fit the amazing Green Necklace: dazzling? Surprising? Gorgeous? I can't decide, what do you think? By the way - I love this great color much more on my nails as on my neck ;-)

American Nails - Nail Polish # 691 Bluetiful
Out of all the treasures in this collection this one makes me speechless - all the blue shades I owe and also offer in the shop, is this the most beautiful to me: radiant, intense, opulent, in one word - just Bluetiful!

American Nails - Nail Polish # 692 Swimming Pool
Refreshing like a cool bath in a huge pool is Swimming Pool - a bright, cool, two-tone shimmering shade in Turquoise and Light Blue...

The whole collection is easy to apply and points with opulent nail polishes colors. The density is different - Bluetiful is very opaque, for Swimming Pool I recommend 3 not too thin layers.

And American Nails was able to offer, what many brands can't: to work Glitz in a way that also if there is a lot of it in the polish, the surface is ABSOLUTELY EVEN - Congratulations, American Nails - great job!

RESUMEE - highly recommended, especially if your next trip to California is quite a while away!

The complete collections is ready to buy here in my Shop !

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: ORLY - Lunar Eclipse

ORLY - Nagellack Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse is an expressive, radiant nail polish in Cobalt Blue and comes like Halleys Comet (for more information please see my Blog posting) originally out of the Cosmic FX collection of ORLY. The Glitz is basically Silver and Blue. In the bottle it looks a bit like a Duo Chrome, but the effect is just lightly visible after appication.

The whole collection is absolut extraordinary because of its intense Glitz, easy to apply, dense and opaque and also with tons of Glitter very even on the surface!

My resumee: if you are a blue nail polish lover you should have a look on this colour - its an eyecatcher anyway!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Swatches: Nail Polish with REAL Gold and Silver Glitter!

Today I have something real special for you: not long ago I received some informations from RealGold, Inc. from the States - the one and only company, which offers nail polish with a patented technique polish with REAL Gold in 22 kt and Silver! They kindly provided me the products for reference and today I will show you them. But I have to tell you before - I AM AMAZED!

RealGold - clear polish with Gold and Silver Glitter, Gold in Red nail polish

But first some description of the manufacturing process: the method is like I said patented, the company RealGold, Inc. is since 1929 specialized in this technique and works in the fourth-generation. Basically it is: Gold is heated till completely liquid and turns at 2000 °F into a gas phase. With gas chromatography now the single molecules are vaporized into a thin film and when its cooled down for the polish it is cutted in particles. Embedded in a suspension, not a normal polish the glitter *floats*: no shaking before using, because the parts never sink to to the ground and - biggest advantage - the polish lays ALWAYS flat on your nails!!

The Gold film is used also to coat a lot of other things. Right now there is no ohter company which produces and work with this thin coats and so of course no other polish with real Gold or Silver! And - you can see: this sparking is unique and I never saw it with an yother nail polish, see later also the detailed pics!

OK, now I want you to show the different kinds of polish:

RealGold - Real 22 kt. Gold Glitter in a clear base, 15 ml/.5 fl.oz.

Swatch: RealGold - Gold-Glitter

This is the 22 kt Gold nail polish - pure in two coats and on Black, so you can see very detailed the dense of colour and parts: neither too small nor too big. The polish base is easy to handle, just feels a bit different to a normal nail polish. It dries quickly within 5 minutes!

The RealGold Glitter polish is only one I know which lays perfectly flat on the nails!

But what surprises me the most - it allows a perfect application: because its embedded in a suspension there is no shaking before using, it is a perfect plane surface. NO unevenness, also if like here WITHOUT top coat!
Comparison: RealGold polish with real Gold and regular clear polish with Gold Glitter

I wrote above that the sparkling is absolutely unique and here is the proof: do you see the much more intense twinkle and stronger flash?

RealGold - Real Silver Glitter in a clear base, 15 ml/.5 fl.oz

Swatch: RealGold - Silver Glitter
The same I said about the Gold polish is 100% valid for the Silver - easy to apply, quick drying, dazzling luster!

RealGold - Gold Glitter in bright Red nail polish, 15 ml/.5 fl.oz.

Swatch: Gold Glitter in bright Red coloured nail polish

This is a variation to the other polishes with a clear base: here is the Gold Glitter based in a radiant strawberry red. The shade pops out very gorgeous and personal it reminds me on Dorothys ruby red shoes in *The Wizard of Oz*.

Surprisingly the Glitter is not so flat like in the clear base, I think the reason is the fact, that the polish can't be a suspension because of the red pigments - this is still no problem if you use a top coat like Seche Vite from Seche! It also dries quicker than average.

RealGold - Striper Gold

RealGold - Striper Gold: Detail

RealGold - Nail Art with Striper Gold

RealGold - French Manicure in Black/Gold with Striper Gold

The polish with Gold is also available as a Striper with extra thin and long brush for any kind of nail art, I tried in two different variations: a painted nail art and as a French Manicure in Black and Gold. Also here the Gold is perfectly even - no rough spots!

RealGold - Pure 22 kt. Gold Glitter

All fans of artificial nails can have the Gold Glitter with 22 kt. also as a pure loose powder for inlay work.

The prizes for the polishes and Striper is 14.50 € and the loose powder 99.50 €. All polishes are 3-free, which means without DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene.

My resumee: they are amazing and gorgeous and I can recommend them without any restriction. Who can say I wear a real treasure on my nails? No matter if you wear them alone or to pimp and dazzle any other coloured nail polish - these polishes are definitely *Must Haves!* So you will find them pretty soon in my shop...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: ZOYA - Gemma

ZOYA - Nail Polish # 544 Gemma

Green is a Nail Polish Colour which opinions differ this question - either you love it or you hate it. Additionally they are not available with a lot of brands, sometimes difficult to apply - very often with non-shimmering, creamy colours: green pigments are quite often not dense and opaque enough to cover in 2 coats, so it needs a minimum of 3 to look nice and even.

Gemma from the actually ZOYA Trend Look *Intimate* is beside the fact that it is Green an extraordinary shade - its a Duochrome! The basic colour is a muted Sage Green, which gets a lot of attention more because of the Blue Shimmer with a touch of Turquoise - you can see it quite good on the pic!

This colour is easy to apply, here with 3 coats, but not because of coverage - just to show the Duochrome effect more intense! Dry time like always with ZOYA very short, it was completely dry in 20 minutes!

My resumee - whoever loves Greens should have an intense look on Gemma!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Swatches: LCN - Trendlook *I Love LCN* Spring/Summer 2011

It's a confession: the four trendy nail polish colours from the I Love LCN collection shows up with shades perfect for a Jeans and Tee look:

LCN - Nail Polish # 310 Sweet Serenade

Sweet Serenade is my personal favourite: a shimmering, medium Blue with Pink Shimmer particles. The colour is dense and perfect for a casual day. The Pink in combination with the Blue is very modern and anything else than boring!

LCN - Nail Polish # 311 Love Me - Love My Nail Polish!

This polish Love Me - Love My Nail Polish! is a cool, frosty, pale Pastel Blue and is perfect opaque. Just keep in your mind: intense frosty shades like this are always best to apply with a light hand, which means don't press the brush too much and hard on the surface: it left some kind of imprint on or, (I don't know which is more bad) removes the layers underneath and left a visible hole!

LCN - Nail Polish # 312 - Lovers Lullaby

I like Lovers Lullaby - a warm Ivory, almost a White Gold with visible Gold Duochrome effect - it is easy to apply and much more flattering than a pure White nail polish! Also for polish lovers, who normally not care about Gold or know its not matching the own skin colour, it is a flattering shade. Please note: Lovers Lullaby dries matte, so for a high-shine finish you need definitely a Top Coat!

LCN - Nail Polish # 312 I Love LCN

I Love LCN, the centerpiece of the collection, convinces with an immaculate White Shimmer and is a clean look for all purist. Like Lovers Lullaby it also dries matte, please seal with  Top Coat as LCN - Wet Look!

Gift: LCN Designer nail file I Love LCN

Be a fan and get as a free gift with the purchase of the complete set with all 4 nail polish colours this two-sided (fine/medium), foamy Designer nail file for free! (as long as stock lasts!)

Resumee - for all, who feels most relaxed and confident in Jeans and a Tee, is I Love LCN best for! The quality convinces, only the size of the nail polish brush could be a bit more broad, so it needs a bit practice to apply the shimmering colours. But working with a *light hand* is here the key to success!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swatches: American Nails - Eccentric Matte Nail Polishes

Matte Nail Polishes are since the last season in a wide variety available from different brands, but very new from American Nails. The collection *Eccentric* shows up with 4 bright, radiant new colours:

American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 675 Rosegarden

The first of the four colours is Rosegarden - a bright, fresh Coral. A beautiful shade, which flatters almost every skin shade. The semi-matte, silky finish makes it a great companion for light or white stylings and of course to elegant Outfits like this in Coral...

American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 676 Blue Sky

Sky Blue is a rich, bold Cobalt Blue, great with Jeans or a Marine Outfit... 
American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 677 Purple Rain

Violet and Lilac is part in the trends since a while. What I like on this Colour Purple Rain? Its bright without dominating! My favourite style? This one for example...

American Nails - Matte Nail Polish # 678 Turquoise Bird

The fourth colour - Turquoise Bird - is a strong, cool Turquoise! Beautiful for Beachwear...

All shades are easy to apply, offers a semi-matte and silky finish, a perfect opacity and are available now in the shop...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: SPARITUAL - Endless Possibilities

SPARITUAL - Nail Polish # 80181 Endless Possibilities

You know, dear reader, that dark polishes are my personal passion: Endless Possibilities is a good example for this: a very dark, almost Black, cool Red, creamy, dense, without any Chi-Chi, easy to apply and a mysterious colour!

What I like especially on this colour? Its matching almost every style and let your hands look beautiful and your nails long and small :-)