Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swatches: American Nails - California Girl Summer 2011

Today I show you a stunning look: *California Girl* from American Nails - six summerly, glitzy, happily nail polishes in rich colors!

American Nails - Nail Polish # 687 Pink Lipstick
Fruity & freshy in bright Hibiscus with Glitz in Pink - this is  Pink Lipstick. It is not California, but doesn't it make it appetite to enjoy a rich Strawberry Ice Cream right now?

American Nails - Nail Polish # 688 Orange Panties
Orange Panties is a funky shade in Orange with tons of Gold Glitz: looks great to tanned skin, also if Hot Pants are not longer fits your personality!

American Nails - Nail Polish # 689 Star Of The Night
Oh yes, this nail polish is the Star - Star Of The Night! What really makes me happy with this color is the combination of soft Violet and bright Gold: it adds a special touch of glamour to your nails. So enjoy a thrilling party night with hot club sounds...

American Nails - Nail Polish # 690 Green Necklace
Was für ein Farbton - hier läßt sich kaum eine Beschreibung finden, die der Leuchtkraft von What a nail polish color - its hard to find the right description to fit the amazing Green Necklace: dazzling? Surprising? Gorgeous? I can't decide, what do you think? By the way - I love this great color much more on my nails as on my neck ;-)

American Nails - Nail Polish # 691 Bluetiful
Out of all the treasures in this collection this one makes me speechless - all the blue shades I owe and also offer in the shop, is this the most beautiful to me: radiant, intense, opulent, in one word - just Bluetiful!

American Nails - Nail Polish # 692 Swimming Pool
Refreshing like a cool bath in a huge pool is Swimming Pool - a bright, cool, two-tone shimmering shade in Turquoise and Light Blue...

The whole collection is easy to apply and points with opulent nail polishes colors. The density is different - Bluetiful is very opaque, for Swimming Pool I recommend 3 not too thin layers.

And American Nails was able to offer, what many brands can't: to work Glitz in a way that also if there is a lot of it in the polish, the surface is ABSOLUTELY EVEN - Congratulations, American Nails - great job!

RESUMEE - highly recommended, especially if your next trip to California is quite a while away!

The complete collections is ready to buy here in my Shop !

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  1. They're very pretty! Some of these colors remind me of Zoya's 2011 summer collection. Sunshine? I don't remember then name of the collection. :)