Friday, July 9, 2010

American Nails - Make Up Collection

Dear Reader - American Nails is still hip with their new launched collection called *Make Up* - like 2008 this collection includes 3 stylish, also for business wearable nail polishes! All three have finest sparkling dust inside, which makes them really interesting!
American Nails - Naked Starlet
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Naked Starlet is the taupest shade of the collection, with a little touch to Mauve. It is brighter and more sheer as Prince Charming/Orly. This are 3 layers...

American Nails - Blush Powder
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Blush Powder is the most opaque polish and a creamy, bright pastel peach. For perfect results you must apply 3 coats. Important: polish with light hand and make sure you have enough polish on the brush or otherwise with too much pressure or too less colour on you will damage the layers underneath!

American Nails - Sparkling Champagne
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My favourite in this collection is this - Sparkling Champagne, a bright sand, not too boring beige, not too rose! A shade which matches the most skin shades! With this colour also two layers are great!

Resumee - for all, who needs an alternate to boring nude polishes this three shade with the fine sparkling effect are great and everything else then boring! How do you like them?