Sunday, May 30, 2010

CHANEL Nouvelle Vague

Hi and hello - do you feel the desire to summer as well as me? I am soo bored by our cold and rainy weather here! But thanks god we CAN have summer - on our nails, isn't it?

CHANEL inspired us this summer with colours of bright, tropical fruits and turqoise sea water directly imported of the Caribbean - see here the new, limited shade 'Nouvelle Vague'.
I am not really a fan of CHANEL nail polishes, because they are not holding what they promise, especially the lasting on the nails is not the best. But I have a personal alternate to you and one of my all-time summer favourites - China Glaze For Audrey, a not new, but great opaque, creamy Turquoise. It is a tribute to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany and remains to the special Tiffany shade of their CI.

Like all the China Glaze nail polishes it is quite easy to apply, you get good results after two layers, here I polished 3 + Base and Top Coat. For a perfect result I prefer Ridge Filler as a base, it makes the creamy and dense colour flawless. The drying time is for all layers with 15 minutes pretty good. The only thing I wish they would change is the brush: especially the creamy shades are much more easier to handle with a more bride brush.

Do you wear bright and bold colours in the summer? On your finger nails and/or on your toe nails?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nail Polish of the Week: American Nails Spring Tulip

Starting now I show you from time to time my favourite polishes. This one is #2507 from American Nails, called 'Spring Tulip'. I remember, that I gave this polish its name - not every brand give to the colours also a name, so this is my creation!
American Nails - 2107 Spring Tulip

I wrote in a former post, that I am not really a fan of brighter colours, but I LOVE and could die for Duochrome colours like this and its one of my all-time favourites! It reminds and fascinate me on a peach coloured, blooming spring flower, hitted by a flash of sunlight...

The polishing with this was like always with American Nails easy and quick, here in three layers with Base and Top Coat. The brushes of American Nails are perfect, not too thick, not too thin. The length of the bristles are a bit longer than regular, which provides an easy and smooth application without visible strikes on the polish surface.

And what are you saying - do you like the colour? What about Duochrome? If yes, what you like especially? And if not - why not?