Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: ORLY - Lunar Eclipse

ORLY - Nagellack Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse is an expressive, radiant nail polish in Cobalt Blue and comes like Halleys Comet (for more information please see my Blog posting) originally out of the Cosmic FX collection of ORLY. The Glitz is basically Silver and Blue. In the bottle it looks a bit like a Duo Chrome, but the effect is just lightly visible after appication.

The whole collection is absolut extraordinary because of its intense Glitz, easy to apply, dense and opaque and also with tons of Glitter very even on the surface!

My resumee: if you are a blue nail polish lover you should have a look on this colour - its an eyecatcher anyway!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Swatches: Nail Polish with REAL Gold and Silver Glitter!

Today I have something real special for you: not long ago I received some informations from RealGold, Inc. from the States - the one and only company, which offers nail polish with a patented technique polish with REAL Gold in 22 kt and Silver! They kindly provided me the products for reference and today I will show you them. But I have to tell you before - I AM AMAZED!

RealGold - clear polish with Gold and Silver Glitter, Gold in Red nail polish

But first some description of the manufacturing process: the method is like I said patented, the company RealGold, Inc. is since 1929 specialized in this technique and works in the fourth-generation. Basically it is: Gold is heated till completely liquid and turns at 2000 °F into a gas phase. With gas chromatography now the single molecules are vaporized into a thin film and when its cooled down for the polish it is cutted in particles. Embedded in a suspension, not a normal polish the glitter *floats*: no shaking before using, because the parts never sink to to the ground and - biggest advantage - the polish lays ALWAYS flat on your nails!!

The Gold film is used also to coat a lot of other things. Right now there is no ohter company which produces and work with this thin coats and so of course no other polish with real Gold or Silver! And - you can see: this sparking is unique and I never saw it with an yother nail polish, see later also the detailed pics!

OK, now I want you to show the different kinds of polish:

RealGold - Real 22 kt. Gold Glitter in a clear base, 15 ml/.5 fl.oz.

Swatch: RealGold - Gold-Glitter

This is the 22 kt Gold nail polish - pure in two coats and on Black, so you can see very detailed the dense of colour and parts: neither too small nor too big. The polish base is easy to handle, just feels a bit different to a normal nail polish. It dries quickly within 5 minutes!

The RealGold Glitter polish is only one I know which lays perfectly flat on the nails!

But what surprises me the most - it allows a perfect application: because its embedded in a suspension there is no shaking before using, it is a perfect plane surface. NO unevenness, also if like here WITHOUT top coat!
Comparison: RealGold polish with real Gold and regular clear polish with Gold Glitter

I wrote above that the sparkling is absolutely unique and here is the proof: do you see the much more intense twinkle and stronger flash?

RealGold - Real Silver Glitter in a clear base, 15 ml/.5 fl.oz

Swatch: RealGold - Silver Glitter
The same I said about the Gold polish is 100% valid for the Silver - easy to apply, quick drying, dazzling luster!

RealGold - Gold Glitter in bright Red nail polish, 15 ml/.5 fl.oz.

Swatch: Gold Glitter in bright Red coloured nail polish

This is a variation to the other polishes with a clear base: here is the Gold Glitter based in a radiant strawberry red. The shade pops out very gorgeous and personal it reminds me on Dorothys ruby red shoes in *The Wizard of Oz*.

Surprisingly the Glitter is not so flat like in the clear base, I think the reason is the fact, that the polish can't be a suspension because of the red pigments - this is still no problem if you use a top coat like Seche Vite from Seche! It also dries quicker than average.

RealGold - Striper Gold

RealGold - Striper Gold: Detail

RealGold - Nail Art with Striper Gold

RealGold - French Manicure in Black/Gold with Striper Gold

The polish with Gold is also available as a Striper with extra thin and long brush for any kind of nail art, I tried in two different variations: a painted nail art and as a French Manicure in Black and Gold. Also here the Gold is perfectly even - no rough spots!

RealGold - Pure 22 kt. Gold Glitter

All fans of artificial nails can have the Gold Glitter with 22 kt. also as a pure loose powder for inlay work.

The prizes for the polishes and Striper is 14.50 € and the loose powder 99.50 €. All polishes are 3-free, which means without DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene.

My resumee: they are amazing and gorgeous and I can recommend them without any restriction. Who can say I wear a real treasure on my nails? No matter if you wear them alone or to pimp and dazzle any other coloured nail polish - these polishes are definitely *Must Haves!* So you will find them pretty soon in my shop...