Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nail Polish of the Week: ORLY Halleys Comet

This week my desire to colour is very intense - I am freezing, because its lousy cold, so my body tells me he wants to have sunshine and warm water. And for me warm, beautiful water is - how surprising - Turquoise! So I picked up for this week this nail polish:

ORLY - Halleys Comet
The nail polish Halleys Comet of ORLY comes originally out of the Autumn Collection Cosmic FX 2010, but I like this shade all over the year! Its an amazing Turquoise with Green Glitz, is dense, easy to apply and a very vivid colour! Its already on my all-time-favourite-list!

There was also a very similar nail polish from OPI in the last summer: Catch Me In Your Net, but please compare and see yourself:

Comparison: left - OPI Catch Me In Your Net, right - ORLY Halleys Comet

On the nails they are perfect twins - you won't see which colour is on which nail! OPI was limited and is out of stock anyway, but ORLY is a perfect dupe!

So what about you - what you wear on your nails, if you dream about sun and heat?


  1. Oh! I love the color! It's really nice!

  2. Oh yes, I agree - one of the most pretty colours of last year!

  3. I think this will not only be one of the most pretty colors of last year but it will still be this year! Blue is the lucky color in the year of the rabbit.