Thursday, January 6, 2011

Part 2 - LCN Crackle Nail Polish

They are NEW - there are 7 SHADES - and they are: stunning! So this is the short description of the newest babes in my shop - the new crackle polishes from LCN! There is nothing to criticize: they last, also without Top Coat, show immediately the cracks and allow endless combinations. I show you today all 7 colours:

White Crackle on Sea Green

I am sure that not everybody like white crackle polish or has difficulties to imagine with what to wear, but it is beautiful on pastel colours: this look is *clean*. Here White John on LCN - Caribbean Sea.

Black Crackle on Pink
Black will be the all-time-favourite crackle polish colour, because with it is the most bold effect! Nice to see: Black Jack on China Glaze - Sugar High!

Yellow Crackle on White
I like this Lemon Yellow on White Polish, its a fresh spring combination, this is Yellow Kim on MAVALA - White. Also gorgeous: vice versa Yellow on Black!

Pink Crackle on Bright Orange
So here you see one of my preferred colour combinations: Pink and Orange. Normally the professionals would say they are not matching, but I think - it is interesting! Not too bold, but with sophistication! This is a picture WITHOUT Top Coat - so do you see the parts with and without light reflection? The couple is made of Pink Jane and ZOYA - Jancyn...

Red Crackle on Gold Shimmer
The precious variation - radiant, fiery Red on warm, shimmering Gold, what do you say to this? Combination of Red Cheyenne and ORLY - Gigababe!

Green Crackle on Duo-Chrome Silver
In the boottle Green Paul looks definitely more blueish than on the nails, but anyway, its a cool Green. For all Green lovers a lovely colour, here on top of ZOYA - Laney.

Blue Crackle on Fresh Green
This pair gave me personal the most fun and its amazing, isn't it? When you are in an extraordinary good mood these are colours to show it! And the winner is: Blue Linda and kinetics - Joy Of Life!! Applause for my #1 combination!

OK, now you saw all the colours - what do you say: which is your couple?


  1. I love all of the combinations you did here! How do you get the polish to separate as much as this? I don't really like the fine lines as much because you aren't able to see the colors underneath.

  2. Good morning :-) Its depending on the texture and the brand - I tried a lot and I have to say like I wrote above, that LCN crackles perfect - quick and with big parts. Basically the result comes with the thickness of the crackle coat: thin layers produce fine crackles, being more generous it shows up like above! I am absolutely with you and agree - I prefer the big ones also much more: if I am doing the work then I want to see them!

    So also the Black Shatter/OPI which you see in the pic of the link is basically providing bigger crackles, but I tested myself - not as wide as you can see on the pic with the combination of the Katy Perry colours!

  3. Really cute, I like these colors. And I'd like to try creative nail desingns and colors.Thank you for sharing.

  4. U ve got some ugly nails yuk

    1. Thats mean and i wanna see ur face thats probably uglier than a pigs

    2. Wow what a jerk.