Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nail Art - Valentines Day 2011

A cute Nail Art idea - quick to make (not only) for Valentine's Day:

This you need:

Instruction/How to make:

  • Base Coat, let it dry
  • 2 layers Red nail polish, let it dry
  • Apply stencil, paint it with White, REMOVE STENCIL IMMEDIATELY, let it dry
  • Set the two Swarovski Crystals in the wet polish or, for longer lasting, apply first two little drops of nail glue like Brush On Glue/ORLY underneath!
  • WAIT till polishes are complete dry (if you not wait you will have white stripes in your red nail polish!), than use Top Coat!

This is a Nail Art in classic Red/White for all who shows their hearts...

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