Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swatches: CHANEL - Nail Polish # 513 Black Pearl

I tried CHANELs newest hyped Nail Polish - Black Pearl. The Press try to hype and push it like the 505 Particuliere or 509 Paradoxal, but I say - he is not worth! But read and see yourself:

CHANEL - Nail Polish #513 Black Pearl

OK, when I am honest - the colour looks in the bottle much more promising than in real life on my nails. To me it looks dull. I like Duo-Chrome colours, especially the dark ones, but this one is too grayish, not intense enough! As I applied there was more disillusion: a thin texture, which covers after 4(!) layers complete and flawless, so its nothing for the go or a quick manicure. Dry time and lasting are ok, but I expect more. I think, a hype on this colour is it not worth!

But the theme *Black Pearl* is anyway interesting, so I searched in my haul for some alternate colours, which I think they reflect the subject better:

Hollywood Nails - Nail Polish # 637 Steel Mauve

This Nail Polish is for me the PERFECT Black Pearl shade: Steel Mauve - wonderful dense after 2 layers, quick drying, easy to apply, Duo-Chrome or I should say 3-Chrome: Violet - Anthracite - Green/Blue hued!

American Nails - Nail Polish #650 Naomi
Not far away to the upper Polish of HN is Naomi also dark, not Duo-Chrome, but with visible Glitz in Green/Blue, excellent opacity and quick drying. And not to forget - one of my favourites!

CND Creative - Nagellack # 386 NFS
This colour is unfortunately not longer in the program of CND, but I think it matches the idea of Black Pearl: NFS - a dark, rich Blue Green with Shimmer! I have stashed some bottles, so if somebody is interested in just write me!

By the way, if you like to have more informations about the specialty of Black Pearls, please read here:

Now I want to know: which one you like better: the Original or one of the alternate colours? I am curious!


  1. Nagellack # 386 looks awesome! How can I get one?

  2. Hi :-) Pls send me a mail to my adress, I have some bottles # 386 still in stock!