Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swatches: American Nails - Must Have! Trendlook Frühling 2011

Its the first sign of Spring - the first trend look is now on the market and available! It comes from American Nails, which is, you readers know, one of my favourite brands, is named *Must Have!* and comes with 3 new nail polish colours:

American Nails - Nail Polish # 681 Very Nature

The names fits perfect - Very Nature is a basic shade, a 100% business wearable, sheer Champagne with a touch of Glitz. This tiny tiny Glitz particles adds the highlights without looking boring. No matter if you wear a business costume or the *Little Black Dress* - Very Nature will always match...

American Nails - Nagellack # 683 Smokey Eyes
Smokey Eyes could be on my favourite list - creamy, not too bright, not boring, opaque, quick drying - so everything a nail polish should be! I like within the shade the hint of Blue, so it doesn't look *mousy*!

American Nails - Nagellck #686 Mystic

This is no doubt the highlight of the look - Mystic. The name alone makes curious, but you have to see yourself, what it is: inspired of the *Non-Colours* all over the runways since a while is Mystic a. a worthy heir of all shades of Taupe and b. a PERFECT and I REALLY mean a perfect alternate to the CHANEL shade Paradoxal with its high quality!

I mean, the most interesting thing is the subtle Violet shimmer - you can see it in direct light, but in the twilight it just let the shade looking gorgeous without anybody can see and say exactly, why it looks like so pretty! And I like this playing on colours!

What are you saying - is there a *Must Have!* for you in the collection?

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