Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEW: LUMOS Instant Impact Bottom Coat + High Speed Top Coat

LUMOS - Duo-Pack Instant Impact Bottom Coat + High Speed Top Coat

A few weeks ago I got a very surprising mail in my mailbox from Jim Nordstrom, Co-Founder of CND Creative Nail Design and CEO of the company for many years. After leaving CND he and his wife Linda combined all their knowledge, established their company *famous names* and designed the brand LUMOS. He wrote me a very nice and kind mail and offered me to test the two new products, which he promised, will convince me and stands high above in quality of all other products.

You know, like all women and a professional as well I am curious, so I agreed and tested in the meanwhile this fabulous products:

12 minutes which impresses also the professional and change a life forever!

It's unbelievable, but true: LUMOS is in max. 12 minutes able to dry all layers and coats of nail polish completely and provides a smooth, ceramic-like surface!

The product formula, which combines all experience on base coat and top coat of the market in two products, allows the polish layers to melt together, this is the reason for the ultra-smooth, porcelain or glass like finish.

LUMOS presents two products:
LUMOS - Instant Impact Bottom Coat

The Bottom Coat joins lightning-fast the nail surface and the polish together like a tape - applied generous it dries fast: as soon as your 10th finger has it on, it is on the 1st dry, matte and ready to go ahead, so you can start to polish immediately! When you polish now the first coat of color polish you can see how both *melt together*!

LUMOS - High Speed Top Coat

If you read my blog from time to time or know me personal, you know, that I use depending on the needs different Top Coats, also Seche Vite. It is still one of my favourites if it comes to seal Nail Art or polish with tons of Glitz. But Seche hast two big disadvantages: 1. it thickens very very fast, which mean if you not owe the Seche Restore Nail Polish Thinner it is quickly *out of order*! And 2. depending on your nail/base coat/color polish sometimes it happens, that the whole paint with all layers just chip off en bloc!

And here we go, this is the main difference to LUMOS: the texture is much more thinner and thickens definitely NOT, so you need no thinner and you can use every drop till your bottle is empty! And the perfect even, glossy surface is another advantage. Of course its 3-free, stays transparent clear and is not yellowing. Tip Wear is rare, also after 5 days!

IMPORTANT: also this Top Coat MUST be applied generous, longer nails please seal also under the free edge of the nail tip! It can be used frequently to refresh and keep the high-shine finish.

Both - Base  + Top Coat - can be combined with other products and the Top Coat also of course weared alone, but

MY RESUMEE: if you want to enjoy all the advantages you should use the combination as a couple! My opinion - its an enrichment, an asset for all polish lovers and 110% recommended! Also the professionals must have seen this and I am assure, you will be amazed and excited!

Both items are available in different sizes and I am proud to announce that you'll find it soon also in my online shop!

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