Friday, May 27, 2011

Swatches: LCN - Destination Paradise Summer 2011

The new Summer Collection - Destination Paradise

Also if Spring here this year is very sunny and warm, a little daydream makes happy, isn't it? As I saw the first time the adverts of the new, bright LCN Summer collection, I was excited and curious about, because with LCN the textures of the shades for the warm seasons are different from the ones of Fall and Winter - and: I was not disappointed, but see yourself:

LCN - Nail Polish # 221 Pink Parrot

I love Pink Nail Polish for the Summer - is there another shade which is both so happy and feminine? Not for me! Pink Parrot provides high density, is creamy without Glitz or Shimmer. By definition its a cool shade, which means it has not only White, but also Blue in. New is, that the whole collection during application feels so smooth like a gel. It seems it is a complete new texture, because its dense, but much more easier to polish than classic cream nail polish!

LCN - Nail Polish # 237 Maldivian Sea

A while ago LCN has had already a Turquoise with this color #, its name was Tropique Turquoise, maybe do you remember? I was very sad as it was discontinued, of two reasons: first, I liked the color and second, customers were amazed. But with this new formula LCN makes me very happy again - great to apply it reminds me on the for me most beautiful area of the world: the beaches of Florida on the Gulf coast and the new name Maldivian Sea makes me dreaming also on rainy days...

LCN - Nail Polish # 223 Sundown Over The Ocean

Orange is a color people discuss about: either you love it or you hate it! For me it is beside Yellow the color of joy, optimism, warmth and radiance. Not as strong as red, but a powerful color anyway! This shade Sundown Over The Ocean is radiant, bright, fruity, fresh and makes me smiling!

Resumee: I like the look not only because of the colors - the new amazing texture is worth a try! I am curious who will give it a try and tell here about?

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  1. Wow, beautiful colours! :D
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