Friday, February 11, 2011

Swatches: LCN - Trendlook *I Love LCN* Spring/Summer 2011

It's a confession: the four trendy nail polish colours from the I Love LCN collection shows up with shades perfect for a Jeans and Tee look:

LCN - Nail Polish # 310 Sweet Serenade

Sweet Serenade is my personal favourite: a shimmering, medium Blue with Pink Shimmer particles. The colour is dense and perfect for a casual day. The Pink in combination with the Blue is very modern and anything else than boring!

LCN - Nail Polish # 311 Love Me - Love My Nail Polish!

This polish Love Me - Love My Nail Polish! is a cool, frosty, pale Pastel Blue and is perfect opaque. Just keep in your mind: intense frosty shades like this are always best to apply with a light hand, which means don't press the brush too much and hard on the surface: it left some kind of imprint on or, (I don't know which is more bad) removes the layers underneath and left a visible hole!

LCN - Nail Polish # 312 - Lovers Lullaby

I like Lovers Lullaby - a warm Ivory, almost a White Gold with visible Gold Duochrome effect - it is easy to apply and much more flattering than a pure White nail polish! Also for polish lovers, who normally not care about Gold or know its not matching the own skin colour, it is a flattering shade. Please note: Lovers Lullaby dries matte, so for a high-shine finish you need definitely a Top Coat!

LCN - Nail Polish # 312 I Love LCN

I Love LCN, the centerpiece of the collection, convinces with an immaculate White Shimmer and is a clean look for all purist. Like Lovers Lullaby it also dries matte, please seal with  Top Coat as LCN - Wet Look!

Gift: LCN Designer nail file I Love LCN

Be a fan and get as a free gift with the purchase of the complete set with all 4 nail polish colours this two-sided (fine/medium), foamy Designer nail file for free! (as long as stock lasts!)

Resumee - for all, who feels most relaxed and confident in Jeans and a Tee, is I Love LCN best for! The quality convinces, only the size of the nail polish brush could be a bit more broad, so it needs a bit practice to apply the shimmering colours. But working with a *light hand* is here the key to success!

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  1. Hi,

    Love your writing and the LCN nail polishes. The colours are absolutely gorgeous in combination with trendy jeans/denim fashion and light tops.

    "I love LCN" - so simple but true!