Monday, February 28, 2011

Nail Polish of the week: ZOYA - Gemma

ZOYA - Nail Polish # 544 Gemma

Green is a Nail Polish Colour which opinions differ this question - either you love it or you hate it. Additionally they are not available with a lot of brands, sometimes difficult to apply - very often with non-shimmering, creamy colours: green pigments are quite often not dense and opaque enough to cover in 2 coats, so it needs a minimum of 3 to look nice and even.

Gemma from the actually ZOYA Trend Look *Intimate* is beside the fact that it is Green an extraordinary shade - its a Duochrome! The basic colour is a muted Sage Green, which gets a lot of attention more because of the Blue Shimmer with a touch of Turquoise - you can see it quite good on the pic!

This colour is easy to apply, here with 3 coats, but not because of coverage - just to show the Duochrome effect more intense! Dry time like always with ZOYA very short, it was completely dry in 20 minutes!

My resumee - whoever loves Greens should have an intense look on Gemma!


  1. I did just pick this up and am looking forward to wearing it. Looks very pretty on you.