Thursday, November 5, 2009

A new Nail Polish Blog?

Hello, you all - to all who are crazy about nail polish here and somewhere else!

I am now a Blogger, too - simply to collect all informations, pictures, swatches, basics which I publish on the various sides on the subject Nail varnish and show them at one, central place!

I have to say it first - this Blog is not unpredjudiced, because my occupation and my online shop deal with the subject of the Blogs: Nail varnish - in all colours and dimensions, creamy, weakly, with glitter, without, star dust and neon. And the best is - I must be not at all objective - in my Blog I may write everything what I like or not like:-)

Everyone who knows me already: yes, I am addicted - mad after nail polish for already 19 years, since I was the first time still as a cosmetics trainee on the cosmetics fair taking place quite anew in Munich at this time. I will never forget this view on millions of different nail varnish bottles and felt immediately in love with!

I wear my nails mostly briefly, admire of course long nails which do not fit, however, to my hand and my personality. I fight like many of you with dry skin and cuticles and hardly keep them in winter time smooth. The nature blessed me with rather sensitive nails, so that they are ok when I care regular, but they are hell, if not!

My private nail polish collection is to be described with a word: Darkly! No matter which colour, with pleasure also sometimes matte or with glitter, but for me never really brightly or classic. My own collection encloses, in the meantime, i. e. 70 All-Time-Favourite-Colours which I would never give and I treasure.

Oh, by the way brightly and unobtrusively - uäääh, with the word 'classically', 'unobtrusively', 'discreetly' I agree thus choking and get definitively pimples - why certainly, carries woman or man nail varnish if she or he wants to be unobtrusive?? Are we condemned to set in the mass? In some things, yes, but NOT ON THE NAILS! Then I don't need to carry one! So, this is my personal opinion!

Of course I have this like they in the branch called usual 'housewife's colours' (please don't misunderstand - I have NOTHING against housewives, also I must keep my household clean!) varnish in the assortment - I can and do not want to force upon any my taste, but these colours are not me

Other predilections? Yes, Violet / lilac - this colour you will see with me over and over again, I have chosen them for the styling of all my sites as an accent colour to black and carry them themselves with pleasure: for me violet is the most unusual of all tones, opulently, wastefully, enigmatically, moves, conspicuously, eye-catcher!

And a passion which I realise, however, not personally is Nude nail polish - yes, yes, I already know, on a side a contradiction to my personal predilection, but: I think its amazing to see a perfect, covering nail varnish colour which adapts and 'hide' the nails almost unvisible.  This is not so easy because at all - so many Nude nuances there are, it is really difficult to find the perfect, covering polish! Do you report to me about your results or failures? Thank you!

However - now I have talked enough - I am glad if you visit me and my posts now from time to time and comment them, too!

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  1. so, dann teste ich mal das kommentieren ;-)
    ich wünsche dir viel spass mit deinem blog und mir sehr viele tolle tipps und fotos :-D