Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holographic Nail Polish - how to handle

Everybody who loves holographic will find a big assortment on the market. But unfortunately some manufacturers produce them only seasonal or in the trend looks, also more bold colours are sometimes hard to find!

Basically there are two kinds of holographic: the finely ground pigments and the holo flakes. The difference is the size of the pigment - the flakes are bigger!

Fine ground pigment: NUBAR - Gem
Holo flakes: NUBAR - 2010

Holographic polishes are more expensive, because the pigment are 1/3rd higher priced than classic ones, reason is here multiple production in a lot more steps! They are made of foil or natural pigments.

Why is it a holo effect?

Because of the special light refraction - the pigments are in layers and depending on how deep which wave length the light is reflected, you can see the different colours like in a rainbow.

How to handle really professional a holographic polish?

Basically you have to know: holographic polish dries MUCH MORE QUICK than normal nail polish, because it contains less solvents - reason: would they have the normal quantity of solvents it wouldnt be so dense and opaque and the evenness would be more difficulty!

The opinions about wearing base coat or not, are as different as day and night. But its right that it depends on the manufacturer, for example Nfu-Oh: they recommend their Aqua Base and here it's true: it makes a difference, if you wear undernath no, a classic or their special base - streak-free and even it will be on top of Aqua Base!

Holographic nail polish

Do you also read you shouldn't wear a top coat on holo polish, because you would loose partially of the holographic effect? Thats nonsense! If you don't wear it, it will be rubbed off very quickly. Out of my experience (please see also on the pic: middle finger WITHOUT, ring finger WITH) it makes NO difference on the effect, but for sure in the long lasting!

Beside this holo polish is more matte, not high-shine!

Nfu-Oh #61

Please note, that you should apply it with long strokes without stopping too often, and - there should be enough polish on the brush. If you don't do this, there are some issues: holo polish never forgive any try to correct a mistake, because it dries so fast. If you polish on and on the same spot the solvents remove the layer underneath and it will be clumpy and streaky. And you will see EVERY mistake on top!!

Most of the times one layer is almost perfect, but for working professional I always recommend two layers!

Holo flakes

Holo flakes are 99% in a jelly base and not comletely dense and opaque. Also if you polish more layers you will never have 100% opacity. Be careful: because of their structure you will feel the flakes by polishing more layers! Because of this please use always top coat with a high quantity of acrylic like Colorfix, Super Shiney or Seche Vite, only they provide a perfect evenness on the surface!

Nfu-Oh #58, 2 coats

If you want to have an opaque result, use a normal nail polish as a base, it can be a matching colour or for more exciting designs, any other colour, see here two layers in my example: polish Nfu-Oh #131 + holo flakes Nfu-Oh #49 / #52 / #58:

Index finger: #49, middle finger: #52, ring finger: #58

OK, who has experience and want to add more tricks? And who is a virgin in holographic nail polish?

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