Sunday, December 26, 2010

SPARITUAL - Spring 2011 *Truth*

Now its time to have a look into one of the next Spring looks - today I show you four of the colours from SPARITUAL, which are actually in the mini set. This set is in stock and can already be ordered!

All swatches of the look are made with Base Coat Lacquer Lock and Top Coat Toute De Suite (coming soon) - two great polishes for perfect and fast dry results!!

SPARITUAL - Face Of Destiny
Face Of Destiny is a warm, beautiful, creamy, muted Apricot. What I like on it - its not too yellowish and flatters every skin shade! Here applied in two coats...

SPARITUAL - Eye Of The Beholder
Eye Of The Beholder is a sensational, exciting, bright Apple Green, but I have to say also the most tricky to apply one! Please note - polish with a light hand, which means don't press the brush to strong on the nail, because if you do this you will remove partially the layers underneath. And take care, that starting on the second layer there is enough polish on the brush. Polish with long strokes from side to side, not like normally recommended tip - middle - side - side... Here you see three coats!

SPARITUAL - Enlightened Soul

Enlightened Soul is a sunny, bright Yellow - no issues to apply, here - two layers!

SPARITUAL - Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power - a beautiful, bright, neon Pink (you can see it when its drying: its matte without/before application of Top Coat!) and pop ups intensely! In the picture with two coats!

So I like the look - this four shades show you Spring is coming closer and for SPARITUAL really unusual! A great trend look! How do you like them?

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