Friday, December 10, 2010

Nail Art - Fashionista

If you read my blog regularly you already know, that I prefer personal dark, vampy nail polish. Not long ago I explore many different metal designer decals and wear them from time to time on my nails. Curious? Than see here:

How to make - instruction:

  • Base Coat
  • 2 coats black nail polish, this is: essie - Licorice
  • alternate you can use every darker nail polish like Bordeaux (z. B. SPARITUAL - Epicurean or ORLY - Naughty), Plum (MAVALA - Tokyo) or a Dark Brown (LCN - Death By Chocolate)
  • Curve Fashion Metal Decals a bit in the center. So it will lay perfectly matching the nail shape on the nail surface without rough edges!
  • UNBEDINGT Überlack, evtl. sogar zwei Schichten - macht Ihr das nicht, bleibt Ihr garantiert an Textilien hängen und zieht somit entweder Fäden oder das Decal springt ab! A MUST HAVE - Top Coat, maybe in two layers! If you don't use it, I assure you will ruin sweatshirts and woolen pullovers by threading or it will just jump away from your nail!

You will try this also? Than wrote me!


  1. hey
    ich bin zum ersten mal auf deinem blog und ich liebe ihn! Vorallem der Chanel_nagel hat es mir
    lg das fashiongirl

  2. Danke, *LOL*, ja, mir gefällt er auch - eben Fashion bis in die Fingerspitzen ;-)